Exhibition room

Exhibition room
Anne Moirier

- Description

2022, Lorient (FR), Galerie du Faouëdic

With Compagnie Murmuration directed by the dancer-choreographer Nathan Arnaud and assisted by Lara Gouix, Elodie Guillotin and Pierre Larrat. 

This installation-performance was produced during the Substrat residency. It transforms the art gallery into a space of display, the museum as subject. The Faouëdic gallery is a “white cube”. The white walls, grey floor and furniture serve normaly the artworks. With the intention of affirming the gallery as a place to be viewed, the furniture is installed in the centre. The resulting choreography puts the audience, the dancers, the architecture and the furniture on the same level.

Each dancer adapts his or her dance to the different layers that make up the space (height of the furniture, volume, density, light, sound, etc.). The organic nature of the bodies and the graphic stretching they propose invite the spectator to contemplate, but also to question his or her own position. The proximity of the dancing bodies to the public can at times be disconcerting. The relationship between the dancer, the space and the furniture becomes intertwined and porous.

- Details

– seats
– tables
– plinths
– armchairs
– shelves

Table in the elbow angle


Pieds métalliques, plateau en verre et chaises noires

Bust spread beside the table

Arm against wall

Hand and foot behind the plinth

Spectator with closed eyes