Anne Moirier

- Description

2016, Bordeaux FR, l’Atelier partagé

With the employees.

The Atelier partagé is a co-working space shared between three companies from the construction industry. In reaction to everyday-life stories of engineers, economists and administrators who worked there, I built walls with archives, made marks on the floor, draped sheets, during weekends and off-peak hours. Every Monday for two months, they started work by interacting with the installations. Then during interviews in small groups, the employees related anecdotes, personal impressions, points of view, any changes of behaviour and consequences on their work, which came about as result of the installations.

- Details

– archives boxes
– adhesive band
– binder
– fabrics
– shelves
– blueprints
– polycarbonate panels
– tables
– variable dimension
– duration 2 months

- Partners

Dauphins Architecture

ALTO Ingéniérie