Anne Moirier

- Description

2007-2010, ex-Yugoslavia YU, Rennes FR, Berlin DE

In collaboration with Claire Daudin

Work on space modularity based on temporarily displacement of objects and furniture on site. During one month of travelling through ex-Yugoslavian countries, we searched to understand the relations of inhabitants with public spaces. In this area political transitions and social developments were clashing. We could see porosity between public and private spaces. Back to Rennes in France, we occupied the Maurepas community centre (Maison de Quartier de Maurepas) for a month to show our observations and our research. During the preparation of our exhibition we experimented on different installations with furniture and objects on site to test other possibilities of use. Each module became an element from a flexible and growing architecture. We then experimented our approach at Mehgenerationenhaus Café and in the Teller Gottes second-hand shop during the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival in Berlin.

- Details

– seats
– tables
– carpets
– plants
– clothes
– variable dimension
– variable duration

– Blog
Traversée des Balkans
– Publication 2007
Bienvenue chez moi !

- Partners

2009-2010, Emménagements, Berlin DE
Festival 48 Stunden Neukölln
– Mehrgenerationenhaus
Teller Gottes

2007, Traversée des Balkans, ex-Yugoslavia YU, Rennes FR
– Fonds Rennais d’Initiative Jeunes
– Maison de quartier de Maurepas

Traversée des Balkans, 2007, ex-Yugoslavia YU, Rennes FR
Emménagements, Mehrgenerationenhaus Café, 2009, Berlin DE
Emménagements, Teller Gottes second-hand shop, 2010, Berlin DE