The pilot lights

The pilot lights
Anne Moirier

- Description

2017, Loos FR

In collaboration with the team of the Palliative Care department of the Loos-Haubourdin Hospital group (GHLH).

In the Palliative Care department, I met doctors who were no longer there to treat the patient but were there to support them in their end of life. Quickly I learnt their desire to personalise the rooms of the patients who did not have the help from their families. Over several weeks, I worked with two patients to help them select comfortable lighting and set the lights up in their rooms. These lights brought a domestic warmth to their white rooms and became pilot lights on their path to death.

- Details

– lights
– variable dimension
– indefinite duration

- Partners

ARS Hauts-de-France
DRAC Hauts-de-France
Loos-Haubourdin Hospital group

Action realized during the GHLH artistic presence of the Culture-Santé program.

« Like in all theatre, every scenes deserve a setting. We are all looking for the light. We just have to work a bit hard and to take the time to find it. And finally it’s not complicated : The proof ! In other words, we have to believe in it and know what we are looking for »

Giuseppe, Gray floor lamp with pink shade

« The green in the house brings in colourful happiness.
Green with joy, I will stay green like the meadow »

Jacques, Green light