Anne Moirier

- Description

2006, València ES

In collaboration with Barbara Hug

Connection set-up without the use of technologies in urban environment between two people living two kilometers apart. After walking the streets of the city following the axis between our respective habitations, we looked for the highest buildings which would serve as visual marks from our flats’ roofs. Each one went on her flat-roof at 10 pm. Fireworks were set off from the building Avinguda dels Germans Machado. If the signal was seen by the other person, fireworks were set off from the building Avinguda del Primat Reig. If the signal wasn’t seen, it was the end of the connection.

- Details

– fireworks
– distance 1,6 km
– height 9th and 10th floors
– duration 15 minutes

Line of sight

Call from Avinguda dels Germans Machado

Answer from Avinguda del Primat Reig