Lighting exercises

Lighting exercises
Anne Moirier

- Description

2013, Merville FR

In collaboration with the Marie-Louise Bogart School

For half a day pupils of Marie-Louise Bogart school had class in rooms lighted by projectors, spotlights and a disco-ball. The installation was made with teachers and pupils using party material from the place. For a colouring exercise in the nursery class, children chanted in order to automatically turn on the light of the sound-sensitive projector. In the elementary class, the teacher was scanning the blackboard with a pocket torch to look for spelling errors.

- Details

– projectors
– spotlights
– disco-ball
– variable dimension
– duration 1/2 day

- Partners

Communauté de Communes Flandre Lys
DRAC Hauts-de-France
– Rectorate of the Lille academy
– Inspection académique Nord – Pas-de-Calais

Action realized during the artistic residency Flandre Lys 2013

From the nursery class

From the elementary class