Anne Moirier

- Description

2008-2010, Besançon-Berlin FR/DE, Temporary exchange of personal objects

In collaboration with Priscilia Thénard

Temporary exchange of personal objects and stories : Each participant lent a personal object and received in exchange an object from another person. For a month, the objects were put on a shelf or hung on a wall. On the return of the object, people discovered the real story of the hosting object and the imagined one of the lending object. Personal ornaments are often related to sentimental stories, reminders of places, people or a time of life… When someone participates in the exchange, it permits the object’s story to evoluate. These exchanges created coincidences, meetings, links or separations. The written texts testify.

- Details

– ornaments
– packing material
– variable dimension
– duration 1 month

– design graphic
Priscilia Thénard

– stories of the objects
catalogue 2009-2010
Parcours interieurs


- Partners

2009-2010, Décothèque, collection Besançon-Berlin FR/DE
Education and Youth national agency of France
Franco-German Youth Office (FGYO)

2009, Parcours intérieurs, Battant district, Besançon FR
Espace associatif et d’animation Les Bains Douches
City of Besançon

2008, Décothèque, Grette-Butte district, Besançon FR
D’ici et d’ailleurs Association

Objects of Berlin <-> Besançon collection, 2009-2010

Small frame from a bisontin on the wall of a berliner, Berlin DE, 2010, © Photo Can Sangu